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0017013ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2023-09-16 07:22
Reporterjeepe Assigned Toale  
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PlatformLinux-1OSLinuxOS VersionLinux Mint 20.3
Summary0017013: selecting an object over a full page background image

I have a full page background image (in an image box),
and anytime I click "into the page", that background image would be selected...
AND I won't be able to select anything else anymore...
until I click outside of that background image (image box in the background)...

I think this might be a bug...
Steps To Reproduceplace an image box in the page, level 1, full page...

place a text box over it, smaller, not full page

place an image in the image box, and text in the text box,

click on the image...

then click on the text.... <<--- nothing will happen... still the image in the background (that image box) will be selected...
Tagsimage box, locked image, overlapping, selecting, selecting object, text box



2023-09-16 06:50

reporter   ~0050345

when I change the underlying image box to smaller than full page,
the behavior is normal...
but as soon as it is full page large,
the above behavior will present itself...


2023-09-16 07:08

reporter   ~0050346

another note!

the underlying image box doesn't have to be full page large...
it only has to be larger and fully "containing" / "covering" the overlying text box...

when the image box is not fully "covering" it (from beneath),
the behavior is normal

so, this really might be a bug...


2023-09-16 07:22

manager   ~0050348

you should probably use layers for that.

- add a layer below the current one
- put the image on that layer
- switch back to the default layer
- now the image will be in the background and (if you don't want to) it won't be selected anymore.


2023-09-16 07:22

manager   ~0050349

please come to the forums if you need more help on this

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