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0017027ScribusScripterpublic2023-11-04 09:09
Reporterale Assigned Tocbradney  
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Fixed in Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017027: scripter: document that newDocument()'s size must be in the unit specified


size = A tuple (width, height) describing the size of the document. You can\n\
use predefined constants named PAPER_<paper_type> e.g. PAPER_A4 etc.\n\,

but, at least if you specify the unit as MM (which is probably the most common choice, with the inches), you will need PAPER_A4_MM.

the documentation should specify that...

or -- but it might be too late -- the size should be defined in pt...

... or there should be a function that allows to use PAPER_A4 and pass the pt value to newDocument().

... i've just spent half an hour trying to understand why my guides hat a way too big value...
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2023-10-23 20:00

administrator   ~0050395

It does say "PAPER_* constants are expressed in points. If your document\n\
is not in points, make sure to account for this."

But I have added some extra text.


2023-10-24 14:23

manager   ~0050397

i rather thought about a notice about it in the new_document command:

use predefined constants named PAPER_<paper_type>_<unit> e.g. PAPER_A4, PAPER_A4_MM etc.\n\

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