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0001704ScribusShape Drawingpublic2010-05-10 21:51
ReporterplinnellAssigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0001704: Enhancement - Implement a 'clone' tool a la Inkscape
DescriptionInkscape has a nifty tool for creating/grouping/managing clones of an original object. Per roadmap.
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related to 0006972 closedjghali Feature request - Identical text boxes that all update by changing one of them. 
has duplicate 0007880 closedcbradney Replicate an image frame and maintain replication automatically 
has duplicate 0008638 closedjghali add feature "connect text frames" 
child of 0003812 acknowledged Metabug: Grouped objects 



2005-02-24 20:52

reporter   ~0003815

If this matched the featureset of Inkscape's clone tools, this would match the features requested in bugs 922*, 923 and 924, and as an extra comment in bug 344.

* Although I actually requested something a bit different, it would be an alternative way to a similar end result.


2005-08-25 01:04

administrator   ~0006218

Why not implement the possibility to work the other way around: same content with different attributes?

Just a thought ...


2005-08-25 20:01

administrator   ~0006231

The new file format should handle this stuff quite well I think, when it arrives.

Will make doing things like sheets of business cards etc very easy.


2006-04-12 22:59

developer   ~0009879

Last edited: 2006-04-12 23:00

on the roadmap for 1.3.5, changing the status to acknowledged


2009-01-28 12:52

reporter   ~0021031

May I suggest an alternative way of implementing something similar?

A handy thing might be a page object, which is pointed to another sla-document in the same manner as an image frame. The contents of the (first page?) document are shown inside the page object. Hence editing the 'other' document would update the contents of all the objects in the main document.

The main advantage here would be that no special editing facilities would be required, as the template could be edited like any other scribus document and reuse of templates would be pretty straight forward too.

One thing to think about is editing of the object in the main document. At least changing contents of a text frame as well as image of an image frame would seem like an important possibility. If a robust enough way of identifying the correct element could be established this probably wouldn't be extremely complicated to implement. One solution for identification is to require the objects in the template to be unambiguously named for them to show up inside the 'clone object'.

I' not saying this is absolutely a better way of doing this compared to the clone tool a'la Incscape. Just an alternative with it's ups and downs.

Altogether, some way of cloning stuff would be totally kick-ass :)


2010-05-10 21:51

administrator   ~0023889

1.5.0.svn has now a "Symbol" object similar to Adobe Illustrator.

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