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0006972ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2008-07-21 06:47
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PlatformIBM-PCOSWindows XP ProfessionOS VersionVer 2002 SP2
Product Version1.3.3.11 
Summary0006972: Feature request - Identical text boxes that all update by changing one of them.
DescriptionAlthough only available from some of the templates, MS Publisher has a nice feature that allows you to copy specific text boxes and then edit the text in one of them and have these changes reflected in each of the copies which can all be formatted differently. Thus you can place text boxes with the date or edition number of a newsletter in various places on your master pages and any specific page, e.g. the masthead, and then you need only update one box to have all of them change. This could also be implemented by having document variables/constants which would give even more flexibility as the variable/constant could then be inserted anywhere into any text box, formatted as desired.

(Sorry if this is not the way to suggest feature requests. Also sorry if this is already implemented. I cannot find it in the help document if it is.)
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related to 0001704 assignedfschmid Enhancement - Implement a 'clone' tool a la Inkscape 



2008-07-21 06:47

administrator   ~0020009

Duplicate of your 0007155 feature request

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