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0017059ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-11-26 08:43
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Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0017059: Some shortcuts using Alt key have double meanings
DescriptionThe behaviour of predefined shortcuts using Alt is quite unpredictable.
If the properties or content properties panel is attached to the window, there are different meanings for several combinations
e.g. Alt+x can be x-Pos in properties or Extras in menu
Alt+e is y-scale in content properties (image) or edit menu
Alt+f is free scaling in content properties (image) or file menu

This problem heavily depends on the translation, when using German there is the same for Alt+b, which is either Breite (width) in properties or the Bearbeiten (edit) menu.
Steps To ReproduceAttach properties and/or content properties Panel to the Window.
Try to jump to x-Pos field by pressing Alt+X
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2023-11-26 08:43

manager   ~0050517

yeah, i also noticed it and it's indeed somehow annoying.

the palettes / dialogs alt-shortcuts should probably only be active when the specific window is active.
but i'm not sure if Qt provides a way to activate the "AccessKey" depending on the context.

on the other side: in most dialogs and palettes, the access keys are probably not used that often...

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