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0017060ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-11-26 20:41
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PlatformEndeavourOSOSLinuxOS Version6.6.2-arch1-1
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0017060: Let user increase distance to resize handles.
DescriptionI find it hard to grab handles to resize text/images. The cursor needs to be really close to the handle to trigger resizing. It would be nice if you could increase the distance to make it easier to point the mouse to grab them. Please see on the attached images how mouse practically is millimetres from the handle and yet still doesn't trigger resizing.
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2023-11-26 18:01


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2023-11-26 19:38

manager   ~0050522

i thought that the setting must exist but i could find it.

looking (deep!) into the code, i've found out that it's indeed in the preferences but at the "wrong" place:

Preferences > Guides > Grab Radius.

I guess that the settings should be moved to Preferences> User Interface > Grab Radius.

If somebody can confirm that it's the same setting and that it should be moved, I can create a patch.


2023-11-26 20:01

reporter   ~0050523

Oh, thank you! I've set it to 10px (initally). I'm not sure if that's related, but after changing it I've noticed mouse started to flicker when hovered anywhere after a text or an image object is selected. I've tried to record it (attached mp4), but it flickers faster than ffmpeg can records. I'm not sure though if this is caused by this change, or I just haven't noticed it before.
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2023-11-26 20:09

reporter   ~0050524

Also just noticed that changing "Grab radius" works when creating a new document, but doesn't seem to work when opening existing documents? Tried opening existing documents both from the "Action search" dialog and by drag and dropping them into scribus from a file manager.


2023-11-26 20:19

manager   ~0050525

yes, i see now that the setting is in the document settings, too.

so it's a per document setting... which might or not make sense.
(well, generally speaking, guides settings are probably a per document thing, but the grab radius seems to me to be rather a per monitor thing)


2023-11-26 20:41

reporter   ~0050526

Oh I didn't realized that there are "Global" (ctrl k) and "Document" (alt ctrl p) settings. Thanks, that works now. Hmm, I'd be tempted to remove "Grab radius" from document settings (but maybe there is a valid use case for it).

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