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0017062ScribusProperties Palettepublic2023-11-28 21:49
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PlatformDesktop PCOSUbuntuOS Version23.10 64-bit
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0017062: The XYZ palette behaves messily when selecting multiple items
DescriptionNormally the XYZ panel has a contextual “configuration” for each item type. Depending on the selected item type, input fields or buttons are displayed, hidden, activated or deactivated. If you select more than one item with different types, the XYZ panel displays the UI elements for the first item in the selection.

This will enable options for the second item in the selection (or more) that should not be enabled or available. Check out my cases below.

Here's what I found:
PropertiesPalette_XYZ::setCurrentItem(PageItem *item) => sets the item-specific configuration for the XYZ panel
PropertiesPalette_XYZ::handleSelectionChanged() => sets the configuration based on selecting a single item or selecting multiple items

At the end of the handleSelectionChanged() function, the item is set again and only this item-specific configuration is used.

The root cause is that the configuration for a multiple item selection is completely ignored.

Maybe selection should behave like group.
Steps To ReproduceCase 1
1. Create a line item & arc item on canvas
2. Select line item and go to line panel and set origin to "endpoint"
3. Select both
4. XYZ panel show Y1, Y2, X1 and X2 values which makes no sense for an arc item in the selection
5. Change X2 or Y2 vale in XYZ panel and the size of all items in the selection goes crazy

Case 2
1. Create a rect item & arc item on canvas
2. Select both
3. Click on "Lock Size" button
4. Select only arc on canvas
5. You can not unlock the size constraint, because the button is usually disabled for arc items

Case 3
1. Create a line item & rect item on canvas
2. Select both
3. Height input is disabled, but you can change the height on canvas by drag the selection frame

Case 4
1. Create a line item & rect item on canvas
2. Select both
3. Set base point to top left or any other corner
4. Change the rotation in XYZ panel; the selection doesn't rotate around the selected point, instead it is moving over the canvas
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2023-11-28 21:49

manager   ~0050533

never thought about that : - )

as far as i can tell, the actions that i can perform, when i have multiple items selected, should be the same to the ones that i would able to perform, if the items were grouped.

which are a bit more sane.

but i notice right now, that if i activate a group with a shape and a line, the xzy section is ok, but the line section is not active which is imo not correct. (i should be able to set all the borders/lines in the groups to a specific dashed line)

i've tried something more:
if i select by dragging the mouse over the area with the individual shapes and lines, than i get the most meaningful (to me) options in the PP (for what i have tried).
different from the ones for the group and from the multiple selection item by item.

i guess that the behavior for these three way of doing the same should be unified: the PP should behave the same for a group, a selection item by item and a selection by area.

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