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0017064ScribusInternalpublic2023-11-30 09:24
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Summary0017064: Document the difference between GetText() and GetText2()
Descriptionthe gettext plugins can have a GetText() or a GetText2() function.

without knowing the difference between the two, it's hard to say, but i guess that for 1.7.0 it would be nice to have only one of both (i guess that the version 2 is the one that should be used)

would it be possible to document the difference?

if you agree that this is a good goal, it would be useful if you could shortly describe what is needed for migrating from GetText() to getText2() and we could publish this as a task that contributors could work on.
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2023-11-30 09:24

manager   ~0050535

if there is a will for a migration, i would try to contribute a set of tests to make sure that the changes do not affect the inner working of the plugins.

- make sure that all importers can be used from the scripter
- collect a set of simple demo files for the tests
- create .sla files with the current code
- compare the result with new code

this could help, setting up some sort of automated tests for the scribus code.

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