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0017073ScribusUser Interfacepublic2024-03-08 21:48
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Summary0017073: integrate "extra > manage images" into the the image content palette
Descriptionthis post,4783.msg22040.html#msg22040

has made me think a bit about the image properties and the indigo UI revolution.

who knows about "extra > manage images"?

personally, i could think of moving all the information and actions from "manage images" into the image properties. (some are already there)

i wonder if there is any use of having a list of all images in the document, but if there is, then "manage images" should be made non modal (and possibly dockable) and simply make it

- show the list of all images in the document
- let the user select and move to the screen the corresponding image frames

i also wonder if it would be possible to merge it with the "extra > picture browser", but the "picture browser" seems a bit crowded already and i would like to avoid more tabbed interfaces...

also, it might important to make it possible to select and copy / paste the information in the dialog (paths!)
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2023-12-13 17:27

manager   ~0050598

i want to suggest a plan.

- i make the "manage images" dialog non modal
- i modify "manage images" to select the image on canvas, when an image is clicked (or double clicked + the current select button)
- i move most if not all the information to the image panel, in different sections (since "manage images" will be non modal, selecting an image in there will update the information being shown in the image palette)
- in the future, sections that are not expanded should not be updated.
- move most of the actions to the image palettes (search, show directory, edit image)
- i will then let martin take care of indiguizing the dialog according to his wishes (and my feedback : - )


2024-03-08 06:38

manager   ~0051028

Last edited: 2024-03-08 21:48

with the search button, one can relink images with an invalid path.

this should probably be exposed in the image palette (only for missing images or for all images? there is also the use case for switching between low res and high res images)

Feature request: Relink missing images,4987.msg22935.html

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