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0001708ScribusUser Interfacepublic2005-08-24 21:19
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Summary0001708: Color Wheel
DescriptionA color picking dialog that informs designers about harmonic color combinations would be a welcome addition for students learning practical color theory for profesional DTP, although may not be too useful for seasoned pro's, who would probably scoff at such a feature, or complete novices who may prefere a 'crayon box' style color-naming interface. Even complete novices may find it useful, however, if a good explanation of how & why to use it is in the docs :) A perfect example I use in webdesign work is at
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has duplicate 0000379 closed web-color hex values and hsb, lab values 



2005-03-31 12:58

manager   ~0004028

The first version of the "color wheel" is available in 1.3cvs (menu Extras/Color Wheel). It isn't finished yet - so I'm avaiting comments and feedback.
Write your oppinions here please.

docs and theory:
More on:


2005-04-01 08:37

developer   ~0004030

Last edited: 2005-04-01 14:54

great idea to add this. the selected color should always be shown by a small circle in the color wheel, not only before and after releasing the mouse button.

Possibly it's worth asking for permission to integrate the whole Color Scheme Generator 2 from the above named website...


2005-05-19 18:20

reporter   ~0004721 has a nice list of the best o' the web colour scheme tools. is especially interesting - perhaps some kind of 'online' mode could be added to Scribus that allows the colr system to integrate over XML-RPC or something..? :)


2005-08-24 21:19

viewer   ~0006208

tested and works perfectly now

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