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0017085ScribusGeneralpublic2023-12-20 14:21
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Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0017085: Delay getting an image in image frames
DescriptionSometimes the operation is delayed when you right-click on an image frame and select "Get Image...". The open file dialog is immediately open and files are not shown but after a while, about 8 seconds in my laptop (and sometimes, unusually, about 16 seconds).

In 1.5.5 version, the open file dialog is also immediately open but not drawn except the shape of the frame. Finally the dialog is drawn and the files shown after a similar delay (about 8 seconds in my laptop).
Steps To ReproduceIt does not always happen, but I think it's not difficult to reproduce it:

1) Create a new document and insert an image frame.
2) Resize the frame and click outside on the paper (so the image frame lose focus).
3) Right-click on the image frame (not selecting the frame previously) and select "Get Image..."
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2023-12-20 11:53

manager   ~0050639

hard to replicate.

but if somebody should look into this, we need more details:

- which os?
- on which type of device are your images? and your .sla file? and your default path for documents?
- it's the only dialog where this happens?


2023-12-20 14:21

reporter   ~0050643

Windows 10 enterprise, 22H2 19045.2846 (AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 5650U)
I can see the same behaviour in a different laptop (Windows 10 home, also AMD Ryzen)

Images are in the laptop's hd, in a subfolder of the default path
Scribus default path for documents is Windows default path for documents (<user_home>\Documents)
There is no .sla file as for simplicity I can replicate it with a new document (not saved)
It also happens with "Get text..." in text frames but for me it's much more harder to replicate
With image frames, I can replicate it more or less 30% of the times
If I close the dialog (when the files are not shown immediately) Scribus gets frozen for the same time

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