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0017090ScribusOS-Linuxpublic2024-01-09 18:18
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Product Version1.6.0.svn 
Summary0017090: Nightly 'impagina' Appimage needs up to date release info
DescriptionCurrently when using nightly AppImage from doesn't accurately reflect correct:
1) build info "Built: 13 August 2023" this should be updated with every new appimage generation (including the svn revision number)
2) dependency versions are not up to date, The appimage atm shows the following:
cairo: 1.15.10
Harfbuzz: 1.7.2
littlecms: 2090
podofo: 0.9.5
poppler: 0.62.0
Snapshot of upstream repos current stable released versions:
cairo current version is at 1.18.0 (
harfbuzz current version is at 8.3.0 (
littlecms2 current version is at 2.16 (
podofo current version is at 0.10.3 (
poppler current version is at 23.12.0 (
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2023-12-22 17:41

manager   ~0050687

i had a look at how the build data and as it is now defined in scribus, there is not much i can (easily do): the date is hard coded in the scribus source code:

i also tried to look for a clean solution but found nothing really satisfying.

the best i can think is cog:

the team could use cog for doing the routine modifications before a release and i could use the same tool in the CI.

but i have no experience with it and i would need to invest some time to experiment with it, before being able to make a proposal for using it.

btw, has anybody around here used cog? or something similar?


2023-12-22 17:57

manager   ~0050688

concerning the other libraries: i'm using what ubuntu 18.04 provides.
i don't really plan to update the dockerimage, since this allows us to reach with older computers.

as soon as 1.6 is out, i will put a priority in creating a newer docker image with qt 6 for scribus 1.7 (a good part of the work is already done)


2024-01-01 21:14

administrator   ~0050743

Not sure we need to keep this open now 1.6.0 is out?


2024-01-02 07:23

manager   ~0050751

there is one issue that is still open: how to correctly show the build date in the about dialog.

currently, that date is simply wrong for every build, but most of the official that are published by the team.

since the label says something like "built: 21 December 2023", i guess that the right way to set the date is to use the current time when the compilation runs.
that is: drop the constants current in the code and use a dynamic QDateTime with the current timestamp.
it's the time of the build, not of the latest change.

i understand the interest of having a reference to the latest commit in the build, but i don't really see a good way to do that (except, maybe, by using something like cog in a commit hook).
(and having a git branch and hash would probably be even more useful than the date and time)


2024-01-09 18:18

reporter   ~0050856

This is how FreeCAD appimage is built and alters the FreeCAD 'About' version info:

Note: conda is used to build and deploy appimage builds.

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