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0017097ScribusImport / Exportpublic2023-12-29 11:14
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Summary0017097: Get Vector does not respect SVG page boundaries
DescriptionWhen SVG are imported with Get Vector, page boundaries are not respected, in two ways:

a) When objects run off the page they are rendered in full in Scribus, as opposed to being cut off, making the resulting SVG object larger than it should be (and indirectly potentially changing the aspect ratio)
b) When objects don't cover the full page, merely the bounding box of all objects is rendered, cutting off unused space, making the resulting SVG object smaller than it should be (and indirectly potentially changing the aspect ratio)


c) Imported SVGs are scaled to fit the page, even though SVGs typically have reliable physical dimensions.

This creates problems when trying to align multiple SVGs as different layers in Scribus.

My particular case, I created an SVG in Inkscape with two layers, one layer has content running off the page edge, therefore subject to (a), the other layer only has sparse content, therefore subject to (b). I exported both layers as separate SVGs. Then I created two layers in Scribus, and imported both SVG on different layers in Scribus. However due to (a), (b) and (c) perfectly alignment is pretty much impossible, since even though both SVG have identical physical dimensions, the import into Scribus results in two images with different aspect ratios due to (a) and (b), and both being scaled differently due to (c).

Important to note would be that if (a) and (b) were fixed, then (c) would no longer be an significant issue, since manually setting the origin and physical size would solve any alignment issues.
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2023-12-28 18:22

reporter   ~0050709

Example files attached, the two imported objects should be 4"x4", or at least optionally? I can see how the current behavior can be nice for simple graphics elements.

wrt (c), it seems the scaling only happens when the objects are larger than the page size, which in my case went wonky because my SVG size included the bleed area, so maybe this logic should be amended to include bleed?
red-horiz.svg (596 bytes)   
red-horiz.svg (596 bytes)   
blue-vert.svg (594 bytes)   
blue-vert.svg (594 bytes)   


2023-12-29 11:14

reporter   ~0050713

I did find a workaround by manually adding a bounding box rectangle, and removing that in Scribus, after scaling the vectors properly, it's clumsy but it works.

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