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0000171ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2005-06-26 13:12
Reporterale Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version1.3 
Summary0000171: text attached to path, text flow and font size
Descriptionif i attach a text to a path and make the text below it flow around the path, the text flows correctly around it (left column in the attached pdf).

if i try to change the size of the font (through the poperties dialog) the text doesn't flow anymore in the inner part of the path (right column in the pdf).

if try to change the font size before attaching the text to path, the length of the text is not the same as if i change it after having attached it to the path (second page, first column)

if i make a path the text flows around it and inside it, if i copy paste it the text doesnt flow anymore in the inside part (second column second page). if i close the document and reopen it the text flows also in the inside part.

if i launch the edit dialog of the path and close it again the flow doesn't change. as soon as i edit a point in the path, the text flows again in the middle of the path.
Additional Informationfinally, and that's more a feature request, it would be nice if it would be possible to fix the distance of the text from the path (or from the text attached to it...)
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2004-01-15 20:12


karte.pdf (230,942 bytes)


2005-02-20 20:35

viewer   ~0003776

Ale - This is an old bug, but cvs has fixes. Can you test and close ?


2005-02-24 18:44

viewer   ~0003813

I am assigning to Franz, 1.3.0cvs has new fixes and more accurate text flow. Please test. The last part, adjusting distance from the path, needs to be a separate request.


2005-03-30 10:10

administrator   ~0004006

Ale.. ping! Do you have the original source file still?


2005-05-24 10:09

manager   ~0004760

no, i don't have it anymore, sorry!


2005-06-25 17:30

administrator   ~0005124

Without a sample, loadable doc, sorry, cant take this one any further. If you find this file, please reopen and attach it if it now does not work in 1.3.x.

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