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0017117ScribusGeneralpublic2024-01-11 08:41
Reporterale Assigned Toale  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017117: master pages items with print disabled are shown in the preview and in the pdf
Description- in the master page disable the exporting of an item
- turn on and off the preview: the item is correctly hidden
- back to normal mode
- turn on and off the preview: the item does disappear anymore
- export to pdf: the item is there.
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2024-01-10 23:41

administrator   ~0050874

Unable to reproduce this here.


2024-01-11 04:05

updater   ~0050876

on mac os it works as expected. (tested with 1.7.0_r25596 and 1.6.1)


2024-01-11 07:17

manager   ~0050878


yesterday evening i could reproduce it multiple times.

this morning it basically works correctly.
but i had again a strange behavior (the button being inverted and the frame being hidden in non preview mode) after having run

it might be related to the crashes jean experienced with copy pasting from a master page into a page.
sometimes it might not crash but still leave the document in a bad state.

i'm closing this for now, and create a new ticket if i can reproduce more reliably.
(yessterday evening it really happened each time... but i'm not sure that i did restart scribus inbetween. probably not)

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