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0017126ScribusStylespublic2024-01-15 21:11
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Summary0017126: Lines: when no style is applied, they should have the default style, not no style
Descriptionin a similar way to the text and table styles, when no specific style is applied, the lines should have "Default Line Style", not "No Style"
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2024-01-14 23:27

administrator   ~0050893

Last edited: 2024-01-14 23:32

For lines, styles usually refers to multi-lines and are totally different from text styles as no parent-child relationship is possible for lines styles. Also :
- by default a document contains no line styles, so at this point having a "Default Line Style" set is not possible
- selecting styles disable most widgets in PP line section as these settings are overriden by line style
Conclusion: the "No Style" default is correct for lines. And a "Default Line Style" should not be set by default as having a line style applied means the line settings are disabled in the PP, which would be not intuitive for user.


2024-01-15 12:06

manager   ~0050896

I'm not sure that having multiple ways to define what is a default style is intuitive for the user.

I understand that -- if the line styles and text styles currently work in a different way -- the change I propose above can't be done right now.
But i think that, in the long term, it should be a goal to define all styles in the same / very similar way and make it easier for the user to understand what is happening.

While I don't think that inheritance is needed for lines, the general mechanism should probably be as close as possible to the text styles.
When I go to the text styles, i normally understand what is going on from my my experience in the PP.
This is not the case with the line styes (of course i have used text styles way more than line styles)

I also just noticed that Scribus does not behave in the same way, if I apply lines to a text frame or to a shape / line.
That's not really a problem when creating new items (it basically behaves in the way I would expect). But if I apply a line style to a text frame, clicking on "No Style" does not bring me back to the initial state.
And if the settings have been left to the defaults, i will only notice that something is wrong when i produce the pdf (or when i get into preview mode).
And that's a rather bad thing.
This might (or not) be related to the way the line styles are defined.

My personal suggestion, without knowing all details related to the actual implementation of the lines in Scribus (and all the needs):

- In the PP there are two styles that are created by default: "No line" (needed for the text frames) and "Default line style" (automatically applied to the shapes and lines).
- "No line" cannot be modified. "Default line style" cannot be renamed nor deleted.
- The Line tab is removed from the document settings (in the same way as the Text tab also should be removed... or, at least, all the settings that are also in the style manager should be removed).
- The default styles are created based on the choices made in the Scribus preferences (ideally, the tools preferences would use the same panels as the style manager... or starts the style manager, where the user can create and import a list of default styles).
- Of course, Scribus should use internal identifiers to recognize the "no style" and "default style", instead of detecting the translatable ones that are shown to the user.

I'm not 100% sure that all the proposition above are definitive, but I believe that they go in a good direction and would simplify multiple things in Scribus.


2024-01-15 18:09

developer   ~0050897

Maybe we can rethink the concept of lines and line styles. It makes sense to have a preset of styles a user can select or a custom mode where a user can make individual changes to a line. But that means a custom mode should support all settings that you can have for line style. So, the line section in PP could support multi lines too in the long run. Figma has a good proposal how it can look like UI-wise. See below. I also implemented something similar on my local 1.7.0 svn branch.
Figma - no style.png (4,680 bytes)   
Figma - no style.png (4,680 bytes)   
Figma - style.png (2,451 bytes)   
Figma - style.png (2,451 bytes)   
Scribus - no style.png (17,289 bytes)   
Scribus - no style.png (17,289 bytes)   
Scribus - style.png (8,935 bytes)   
Scribus - style.png (8,935 bytes)   


2024-01-15 19:53

manager   ~0050899

this proposal is of course better than the current state.

but, for my taste, the "No Style" widget take too much place (considered that most people won't probably ever use it...)

what i could imagine:

adding a "small" drop down next to the type that just says "Styles" (inside of it, not below... only active if at least one style exists).
if possible, with a [+] button next to it, that would open the style manager, ready for typing the new line style name.
and with the current line setting applied.

if a style gets chosen, then, as in the second screenshot, we get a larger drop down widget. with a button next to it with a "clear" icon (... we still miss a good icon for this...) that would wipe the style and get back to the previous formatting.

what do you think about it?


2024-01-15 21:11

manager   ~0050900

I'm thinking of something like this...

(btw, any idea how to have a small and square qpushbutton (or somethign else) that triggers the dialog?)
create-line-style.gif (78,535 bytes)   
create-line-style.gif (78,535 bytes)   

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