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0017138ScribusUsabilitypublic2024-02-15 18:41
Reporterpmjdebruijn Assigned To 
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Product Version1.6.2.svn 
Summary0017138: Show Text Chain not enabled by default
DescriptionView -> Text Frames -> Show Text Chain is disabled by default, this should be enabled by default.

Because Show Text Chain is disabled by default, less experienced users (or just users who haven't used Scribus in a while), may get confused when they link two text frames and nothing seems to happen. This may lead users to wondering whether they've done something wrong, or the application malfunctioned.

Steps To ReproduceClear ~/.config/scribus
Start Scribus
New Document
Insert two Text Frames, and link them, and visually nothing would seemed to have happened, until you manually enable "Show Text Chain"
Additional InformationIf I'm not mistaken enabled this by default should be trivial:

scribus/prefsmanager.cpp - void PrefsManager::initDefaults()
     appPrefs.guidesPrefs.showControls = false;
- appPrefs.guidesPrefs.linkShown = false;
+ appPrefs.guidesPrefs.linkShown = true;
     appPrefs.guidesPrefs.rulersShown = true;
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related to 0017140 new show the linking arrows for the newly created lined text frames 



2024-01-21 16:21

manager   ~0050923

not sure here.

it might be one of those thing you get used to, when when they're always enabled (like showing or not the control characters when typing text).

personally, i never had the wish to have this enabled for longer than the time needed for checking for some links that do not work as expected.

if something should be "always" shown, i think i'd prefer some marker that the text continues elsewhere / is a continuation, rather than having lines drawn between the frame.


2024-01-21 17:02

reporter   ~0050925

I think you're arguing entirely besides my point. I never said I want Show Text Chain forced on at all times regardless of user preference.

I'm arguing it should be enabled by default, so that (new) users on new Scribus installs, can more easily discover/use the text chain function without being very confused about it.

Beyond that, anybody can turn it off or leave it on, to their own preference.

And changing this default, shouldn't affect any pre-existing install anyhow.


2024-01-21 18:00

manager   ~0050926

no, i was reacting to your proposal.

to be clear:
i'm not sure it should be activated by default.

it's not an absolute no, but i'd like to hear more voices in favor of this (with arguments why it is better) before making the change.

i'll open a different ticket for an idea that might help with your concern.


2024-01-25 17:36

reporter   ~0050935

I think I covered a strong argument in favor quite well already.

I just noticed your alternative ticket, and I agree it (ephemeral notification) could be a good alternative once it's implemented, hopefully for later 1.7/1.8... However there's potentially a large time gap to cover in the meanwhile, e.g. 1.6 and 1.7 as long as it's not implemented yet.

The other point, is that there's isn't a significant disadvantage, except that by-default the document layout would be slightly more cluttered.

And I guess this is the most constructive way to think about it:

It's more reasonable to expect a more experienced user to disable something they don't want, since the chances of the more experienced user being able to find specific settings is significantly greater, than expected a inexperienced user to enable something they might not even realize that exists.


2024-02-14 17:11

reporter   ~0050985

@jghali: could please take a look at this, given the actual change is rather trivial and it has the potential of making Scribus quite a bit more accessible for first time users.


2024-02-14 21:29

administrator   ~0050988

I agree.. though trying to find the other bug referenced to see what that proposal was....


2024-02-15 18:41

reporter   ~0050993

@ale's suggestion was to implement some ephemeral notification if I recall correctly, however that seems like a good approach for 1.7/1.8 (i.e. long term).

My suggestion is focused on here and now, for 1.6, where having no visual indicator by default can be really rough for first time users.

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