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0017163ScribusWebsitepublic2024-02-24 13:30
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Summary0017163: Forums: make it possible to mark a topic as solved
Descriptionseveral people have asked for a way to mark the topics as solved.

personally, i don't see a real interest since, in some way, almost all topics can be considered solved.

but people seem to like the feature.

"sadly", users cannot modify old posts, this also means that they cannot change the title of the topic to add a "[SOLVED]" at the beginning.
(and that's a spam fighting rule that works really well! so, i won't suggest to change it!)

i've been looking for a solution and what came out is this:

it's ok if add this mod so that people can mark the topics as solved?
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2024-02-21 17:10

manager   ~0051001

Last edited: 2024-02-21 17:11

(btw, the mod i've created is working well, even if does not catch many spam anymore, since most spammers have found out that their strategy is not working anymore.

one day i have to improve it so that i can go through all the posts in the distant past and make sure that there are no spammy links in ancient topics: it might be that we get spam because we have some bad links still around...)


2024-02-21 21:51

administrator   ~0051003

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The only challenge with this module I see is the old changelog and knowing if issues may be fixed in the future
Are we not able to enable topic editing so that [SOLVED] can be added?


2024-02-22 21:20

manager   ~0051005

no, i did not find a way to enable the topic editing.

spammers love to add links after some time (when normal people do not see the message anymore) and we have disabled the editing of messages after one hour.

i have now made a much simpler copy of the mod linked above

- it does have no settings
- the installation does not modify the database
- it adds a button for the person who started the topic and the admins.
- the button simply adds the string "[SOLVED]" at the beginning of the subject

the code is rather simple and should not have bugs to be fixed in the future : - )

is it ok if i install it? : - )


2024-02-22 22:14

administrator   ~0051006



2024-02-24 13:30

manager   ~0051007

the mod is now installed.

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