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0017164ScribusGuidespublic2024-03-09 17:00
ReporterBruce Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version1.6.2.svn 
Summary0017164: File/Preferences/Guides lockup
DescriptionWhen starting a new file, I go to File/Preferences/Guides and the program and my computer lock up. This happened three times in a row. Just now, when trying again, the program locked up as soon as I clicked on Preferences.
Steps To ReproduceStart new file/click on File/Preferences/Guides and NOW File/Preferences and the program/computer locks up.
Additional InformationWindows 11 on an Asus Vivobook three months old. Windows up to date.
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2024-02-21 18:47

administrator   ~0051002

Unable to reproduce here.


2024-03-09 17:00

administrator   ~0051030

Closing issue due to inability to reproduce.

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