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0017169ScribusMaster Pagespublic2024-03-04 07:27
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version22.04
Summary0017169: Masterpages edit changes page size
Description- Create a double sided A5 document with left and right masterpages
- Have a text box on each masterpage
- Change the size of the document's settings to A4 landscape, but dont change the masterpage sizes
- Create content in whole A4
- Edit a masterpage (eg delete text box or just open the masterpage in edit mode)
- Go back to document edit

See : document size is reset to A5
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2024-02-29 08:26

manager   ~0051018

i guess that you should not have a different page size in the actual page and in the master page attached to it.

the bug is imo that scribus allows this to happen.


2024-02-29 15:54

developer   ~0051019

Not only does it allow this to happen, it actively manages this possibility :
when changing the document size, there is a checkbox to ask that the masterpage size also changes / or not.
As if the design is that a page can have a masterpage of a different size.
I could imagine that in a Scribus where a page could use several master-documents : eg, one for the header, one for the footer, one for the left margin... but pages can only have one masterpage.
Anybody knows better what is the intent there / what this is usefull for ?


2024-03-03 08:06

administrator   ~0051024

The intent is that a document can have pages of various sizes, and therefore you need master pages of various sizes.


2024-03-03 19:52

manager   ~0051025

Last edited: 2024-03-04 07:27

the problem is: what happens when a specific page has a size that does not match any master page?

i fear that it might be a bigger change (and i'm not sure what the overall consequences might be), but i have the feeling that editing any of the values "manage page properties" should result in no master page being assigned to the page.
(when removing the link to the master page, the user should probably be asked if they prefer to ignore the items from the master pages, or duplicate them onto the page)

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