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0017225ScribusTypographypublic2024-05-25 16:11
ReporterAdam Wichterle Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformpcOSwinOS Version10
Product Version1.6.0 
Summary0017225: ver 1.6.1 Non-breakable space sometimes don't work
DescriptionWhen is not space at the end of line   don't works. When there is space, it works.
Steps To ReproduceAlign sample text to left. When you put nbsp after word, which have anough space after, all works.
When you place it after word, which have no space for "space", nothing happened.
Tagsnon-breakable space;spacing


duplicate of 0017167 resolvedjghali Non-breaking spaces not respected before punctuation mark 



2024-05-25 16:10

administrator   ~0051171

This issue has already been fixed as 0017167.

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