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0017230ScribusReleasespublic2024-06-23 07:09
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PlatformLinuxOSFedora (& LMDE)OS Version40 (& 6)
Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017230: No Linux release files available for 1.6.2 and 1.7.0
DescriptionHey, since I know no other way to reach the Scribus people, I will post here.
Why the svn versions (1.6.2 and 1.7.0) are not available for Linux (directly)? Those folders do not have a single AppImage or .deb or flatpak.
Man, it is heartbreaking to see that there are even .exe files but no Linux formats. It's FOSS. Shouldn't Linux comes as equal to Windows if not before? (There may be something I'm missing kindly let me know)

The even bigger problem is that the AppImages already available for 1.5.8 and 1.6.1 do not work. I tried on LMDE and Fedora 40. They just don't do anything when press enter. There is a message sometimes about it not being a valid file. (I can provide the exact one if you ask). I Selected to open with Run Software on Fedora, still nothing.

But anyway at least provide a .deb file for the SVN versions if not an .rpm, so more people could help test the software.
Big thanks to the developers for a gem like Scribus
Additional InformationProviding more install options would make more people able to test it. (You know this already).
Tagsappimage, latest, nightly, release



2024-06-02 14:40

administrator   ~0051186

>> Why the svn versions (1.6.2 and 1.7.0) are not available for Linux (directly) ?

Because these versions are not released yet and because active team members do not use Linux as their main system.


2024-06-02 14:53

administrator   ~0051187

>> The even bigger problem is that the AppImages already available for 1.5.8 and 1.6.1 do not work.

Just tested them in Fedora 40 in Linux Mint 21.3. They start without any issue here.


2024-06-02 15:12

reporter   ~0051188

Hey, thanks for the quick response.
1. I get it that the team don't use Linux and that they are not released yet. But still, in the same state as they are available for Win and Mac, would it be possible to drop an AppImage or a .deb file every once in a while? I am just suggesting wider testing grounds.

2. I will look into that again. See you tomorrow. (Keep this open for a little longer please)

Thank you again for touching every point in the query. Hearing your side makes it more understandable.


2024-06-02 20:49

administrator   ~0051189

Its super simple to build Scribus once you have the dependencies installed. You could try that out.


2024-06-03 00:16

reporter   ~0051190

You means from source, @cbradney?
Could you please guide a little (in brief steps of possible).


2024-06-03 08:22

manager   ~0051191

hi buttar

as cbradney wrote, it's not hard to compile scribus on linux.

but not everybody wants (or can) do it.

before the official release of 1.6 there was a "community" contributed appimage on gitlab.

i've not updated it since the release of 1.6, and i wonder if there is a real need for it.
i suppose that the next 1.6.x will be released as soon as important fixes are in the stable release...
if you can bring a valid use case, i can do the work for restarting the builds (i just checked: there some work needed to be done for it to work again, but it's not a huge effort)

there should also be a community appimage for 1.7 and it's a bit of my fault if it's still not done.
but i really hope that i will manage to get the build process to work again and restart the "nightly" builds with appimages as soon as possible.

as soon as i (or somebody else) will have restarted the job on gitlab, we will have an announcement in the scribus forums.


2024-06-03 09:48

reporter   ~0051192

Hi, @ale.
Really appreciate, man. That would be great! Thanks in advance.

And as both of you said it easy. I must try that. Can you point me to a resource(s) where I can learn to compile from source? Or at least where an other similar program is being compiled whose procedure will apply to compiling Scribus?


2024-06-03 18:29

developer   ~0051193

"i've not updated it since the release of 1.6, and i wonder if there is a real need for it."

Yes, It would be good.


2024-06-03 20:09

administrator   ~0051194 has the most resources on it for building.


2024-06-05 13:28

reporter   ~0051195

Thanks @cbradney. I'll look into it as soon as I got time.


2024-06-10 20:10

developer   ~0051206

Last edited: 2024-06-12 07:17

I got the 1.6.2svn appimage running but i dont know anymore exactly where I got it from.
Maybe it was on sourceforge, but I cant find it anymore... so maybe it was on some of a-l-e's forges ?

BTW lists « » as the place to get 1.7.0 appimage
but there is no such folder in


2024-06-12 02:00

reporter   ~0051208

Yeah, @JLuc, I have been meaning to say that.


2024-06-15 19:37

administrator   ~0051213

We released 1.6.2 today. I think we can resolve the issue.


2024-06-15 20:20

developer   ~0051214

Last edited: 2024-06-15 20:21

Since the mailing lists have been shut, I'm not aware anymore of the new releases and I missed the 1.6.0 and 1.6.1.

It's GREAT for users to have a stable version that is, AFAICT, both recent and quite close to the dev version :-)

btw still requires update as for "stable" part, and all "dev" part's links are broken.


2024-06-15 20:37

administrator   ~0051215

JLuc - I suggest you join the forums, announcements are made there. I also update the title in the IRC channel. Downloads page is now updated.


2024-06-16 08:17

reporter   ~0051216

Great to see 1.6.2 appimage. Can't wait to try that.
Thank you for listening. And i hope the broken links and all other issues will be fixed soon.


2024-06-16 09:07

developer   ~0051217

Last edited: 2024-06-23 07:09

Honestly, I dont think i can visit regularly scribus forum pages as i did with mails. But I'll have a look at the mail following options of the forum.

Craig it's cool for Scribus users to have updated the 1.6.2 links on the download page.

Ever nicer would be :

- to mention the appimage as a first option for general Linux, because AFAIK this is THE easy way to use Scribus on most or all Linux distribs, without having to delve into distrib idiosyncrasies and crazy compile options (whose linked doc page has not been updated for 10+ years sometime)

- to fix the "1.7.0" documentation part, or maybe is it a sourceforge issue ? Because the linked sourceforge devel 1.7.0 folder does NOT exist.
Have a try :
« Source archives:
Windows 32 Bit (7, 8, 10):
Windows 64 Bit (7, 8, 10):
Linux AppImage:
etc... »

Also the « Daily Ubuntu Packages: » stops at 1.5.8 so it should not be in the 1.7.0 download part.

OR simply delete the whole 1.7 part when it is not relevant

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