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0001727ScribusImport / Exportpublic2006-04-24 13:53
Reporterpdonis Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSSuSEOS Version9.2
Product Version1.3 
Summary0001727: HTML import doesn't respect CSS
DescriptionWhen I import with "Get Text" an HTML document that is formatted with CSS, the CSS styles do not get included in Scribus. This happens both when the CSS is embedded in the HTML document and when it is in a separate stylesheet referenced with a link tag.
Steps To ReproduceOpen a blank document, create a text frame, "Get Text" and select an HTML document with CSS formatting. The style in Scribus will be the Scribus default HTML style, not the CSS style.
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related to 0003698 closedHerm Latex import 



2005-02-25 06:33

reporter   ~0003816

There's no CSS support in the importer at the moment. I don't know if there are any plans to work on it.

I'm converting this to a 'feature' bug, as it's really desired functionality rather than something that's broken.


2005-04-07 21:03

viewer   ~0004131

moving to 1.3+ as a feature request


2006-04-08 15:41

developer   ~0009698

do we really need this? Which real world scenario for this feature request would justify the amount of work needed to implement it?


2006-04-21 13:13

administrator   ~0010235

The real world scenario is or will be, that in the future more and more HTML documents will contain CSS formatting, which is what W3C recommends.


2006-04-21 13:23

developer   ~0010237

christoph_s: I extencively use CSS myself (it's a part of my job :), but under which circumstances would such a complexity in HTML importer be needed? Importing of CSS styled websites into a DTP application doesn't occur to me as a very common task.


2006-04-21 13:43

administrator   ~0010240

I don't think the feature request means css formatted web pages, but css formatted text. IMHO, it makes sense to translate CSS text styles to scribus styles, if possible.


2006-04-23 22:21

developer   ~0010382

Last edited: 2006-04-24 12:43

christoph_s: and which dtp related programmes (apart from web authoring tools) would produce such CSS styled html output to be imported into Scribus? I would without any hesitation support import/export filters for Lyx and Latex, even DocBook, but i don't think this one would become a widely used one.


2006-04-23 22:31

administrator   ~0010384


>>>and which dtp related programmes (apart from web authoring tools) would produce such CSS styled html output to be imported into Scribus?

I'm not talking about DTP related programs, but any other program. OO.o, for instance, uses CSS in HTML export. There may be other text related programs (e.g. wordprocessors that don't support OpenDocument).


2006-04-24 13:53

viewer   ~0010411

there are libraries which can provide the css parsing capabilities like libcroco with libxml2.

This is a legitimate request IMO.

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