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0003698ScribusImport / Exportpublic2008-07-30 20:10
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Fixed in Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0003698: Latex import
DescriptionLatex import in Scribus
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related to 0001727 confirmed HTML import doesn't respect CSS 
related to 0000128 closedHerm TeX rendering engine library 
related to 0000111 closedcbradney Scribus Document File format 
related to 0001030 closedHerm [RFE] Add support for Math 
child of 0007647 acknowledgedHerm Metabug: Render Frames (LaTeX, GnuPlot, LilyPond, GraphViz, etc.) 



2006-04-24 11:54

administrator   ~0010395

I'd say LaTeX export is a wontfix. Do you have a use case for that?

LaTeX import works now if you go via PostScript. For the future it would be nice
to place LaTeX files in Scribus, I think there's already an issue for that.


2006-04-24 12:06

developer   ~0010396

Last edited: 2006-04-24 12:18

avox: my first thought was to write "Latex import only", since export seems to be technically more complicated (just thinking of all those non-eps images in Scribus files). So I'm going to change the description accordingly.

Importing Latex via Postscript is only a workaround, and not a very good one, I think. You wouldn't probably recommend to anyone importing a 200 page latex book via Postscript -- and the result would be a bunch of vector outlines, and not a Scribus file with text frames, graphic frames etc.

If there is a RFE for this, it is very well hidden -- I've searched for it quite a while.


2006-04-24 12:19

administrator   ~0010400

I was talking about the discussion in 0000128.

There are three things I don't think are feasible:

* export Scribus -> LaTeX
* implementing TeX engine within Scribus
* importing LaTeX -> native Scribus textframes / images

The problem with the last step is that we need to run LaTeX
to find out the correct layout. Then all we have is an intermediate
format like postscript which doesn't have the logical structure
of the original text. Maybe one could use LyX as a filter, but I
definitely don't feel like copying the effort the LyX team already
made in interpreting LaTeX.


2006-04-24 14:43

developer   ~0010418

Once 0000111 has been finally defined, this (like many other features) should become easier, I guess. Perhaps even LyX team will come up with a Scribus export filter, who knows :)


2008-07-30 20:09

administrator   ~0020069

Fixed by render frames. As avox said it, importing LaTeX -> native Scribus textframes / images is not realistically feasible

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