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0001030ScribusGeneralpublic2008-01-26 13:14
Reporterakvadrako Assigned ToHerm 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0001030: [RFE] Add support for Math
DescriptionScribus would be much more useful if it had support for math. Ideally, something as easy to use as with LaTex. I would like pretty printing, like self-sizing parenthesis and integral signs and fractions. And entering the math should be down with control or alt-key sequences, like alt-m-f to start a new fraction.
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2005-05-31 04:51

viewer   ~0004844

bumping to 1.3


2005-10-08 07:43

reporter   ~0006957


I would like to be informed when this feature will be add to Scribus.
Because it is a very important feature for me.

About the key sequence, I think the shortcut ALT-$ or CTRL-$ could be a good idea because $ is used for inserting math equations with LaTeX.

LyX use CTRL-m shortcurt.

I want to say that equation should be of 2 types :

On line equation (CTRL-m with LyX or $...$ with LateX)

Out of line equation (SHIFT-CTRL-M with LyX or $$...$$ with LaTeX)

The \displaystyle command should be emulated too.



2005-10-08 10:44

viewer   ~0006958

I have added a workaround to import formulas via OO into Scribus here: h t tp://

Imperfect, I realize, but it does work reliably in my experience.


2005-10-08 11:17

reporter   ~0006961

yes but the OOo Equation syntax is different from LaTeX syntax

Moreover I guess that equations imported like this can't be edit from Scribus (because it is in fact an EPS file, not a file with an equation content (MathML, LaTeX, OOo Equation, etc...)


2005-10-09 06:01

reporter   ~0006979

I still like the idea of a PageItem that lets you edit the TeX source of an equation and remembers it, but draws its self by rendering the TeX source to DVI or PostScript and doing a vector import.

This would require the new PageItem structure to be done sanely, since PageItems would need to be able to contain other items (like vectors).


2006-02-23 12:36

reporter   ~0008872

I am very interested in including LaTex-formulas in Scribus. Expecially for scientific poster this would be an ideal option


2006-03-16 12:17


how about mathml? scribus doc's format is based on xml, so maybe it is possible to implement mathml? or make possible to use oo math editor in scribus (using something like ole in windows or the one implemented in oo)?


2006-03-16 17:28

reporter   ~0009347

MathML is usefull for computer (XML based...) but it is not very easy to type MathML syntax for a human...

LaTeX syntax for math is much more human readable !!!


2006-03-17 07:50


editor (like oo math editor or ms equation) is necessary of course. btw - oo editor is enabled to export equation as mathml


2006-06-07 19:45

reporter   ~0011596

An other way could be to use an independant Math Editor (using a LaTeX syntax) that can export (or drag and drop) a PDF file into a Scribus document.

The PDF file inserted in the scribus should be able to be edited again using the math editor (for example, the formula could be written in the description field of the PDF file)

That way is used for example on Mac OS X (with PDF Equation and/or LateXit)


2006-06-20 07:06


the best way is native scribus' equation editor...
other idea is implementing something like windows' ole - it allow to insert object (in graphical but edited form) of any kind, not math only, but for example chemical structures from chemtex (i don't know if the name is written right)


2007-08-24 01:00

administrator   ~0017146

Now that Herm's Summer of Code project is finished, I think we should close the issue as resolved. The tool will probably see some improvements, but it works.


2007-08-24 21:42

administrator   ~0017153

Base "/tmp/scribus_temp_latex_S16672"
Full command "pdflatex /tmp/scribus_temp_latex_S16672"
LATEX: latex finished with exit code: 0
LATEX: loading image file: /tmp/scribus_temp_latex_S16672.pdf
Filter: ("scribus_temp_latex_S16672*") "/tmp"
LATEX: Deleting "scribus_temp_latex_S16672" (please check that this file is correct!)
LATEX: Deleting "scribus_temp_latex_S16672.aux" (please check that this file is correct!)
LATEX: Deleting "scribus_temp_latex_S16672.log" (please check that this file is correct!)
LATEX: Deleting "scribus_temp_latex_S16672.pdf" (please check that this file is correct!)

Still some debug statements, and wasnt there an editor, even the basic version?


2007-08-24 21:46

administrator   ~0017154

Herm forgot to remove the debug statements. The bug is fixed. As for the editor, yes, it's being written on, but math support is definitely in and working.


2008-01-26 12:47

reporter   ~0018734

Editor is finished, debug statements removed, so I close this bug.

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