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0001745ScribusGeneralpublic2005-06-28 19:01
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Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0001745: RFE: Read-only mode
DescriptionA read-only mode (as, e.g., in would be useful.

1. It would allow copying-and-pasting of material from a document without worrying about whether you've accidentally modified it.

2. Scribus seems to mark the document as modified even when nothing is done.

3. It would just generally be useful. e.g. If I open a Scribus e-mail attachment, then it's not writable anyway (this is assuming I open it for viewing without saving, not save it then open it for editing), and all the edit controls are just UI bloat.
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2005-04-07 20:24

viewer   ~0004125

moving to 1.3+


2005-06-28 19:01

viewer   ~0005194

We have some plans for this in the future. No ETA at the moment.

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