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0001763ScribusLiveCDpublic2007-01-04 09:53
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Summary0001763: "Design on Disc"
DescriptionCreate a 'Design on Disc' LiveCD, for i386 and PPC, "which runs F/OSS graphics and design applications, and a well chosen selection of IPR-free fonts, and some easy-does-it HOWTOs". Ideally this would run on design professionals' aging Apple G3 Powermacs, and show them that now they are faced with upgrading away from Mac OS 9 and Quack 4, there is an alternative to buying a G5 and thousands of dollars worth of carbonised crapola.
Additional InformationI may be tasked with doing this as part of my degree coursework, and heard from Gentoo devs at FOSDEM2005 that they are planning a nice PPC LiveCD that would be parallel with the i386 one for their 2005.0 release. So I thought I'd log it in the bug database in case I end up doing something else for my course, because this is probably a good idea :)
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2005-05-18 07:27

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Not a Scribus task, closing.

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