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0001771ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2006-01-16 22:24
Reporterafonit Assigned Tocbradney  
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PlatformUbuntu Hoary LinuxOSUbuntu Hoary LinuxOS Versionhoary
Product Version1.3.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.2cvs 
Summary0001771: Unable to choose scale frame to image size, does not exist, only exists in the context menu of "adjust frame to picture"
Descriptionwhen importing an image into an image frame, you can bring up the 'properties' toolbar and under 'shape' you can select 'scale to frame size'


there is not a selection for scale frame size to image size.

Steps To Reproduceinspection of the properties menu revelals the absence of this option, also in settings preferences there is not this type of option.
Additional InformationI think this feature would be most usefull, almost so much so that it could perhaps we worthy of a button on the main toolbar, so that it could be selected as a 'mode' to work in. This in and of itself is a particular type of workflow that would be handy to be able to readily turn on and off.

By work flow, I mean that one might be importing many many images into many frame, and it would be nice to switch this 'mode' on of scaling frames to the image sizes, so that you can just import and move the images around, instead of having to right click each image and select "adjust frame to picture".

The reason why this would be usefull is thus:

in production environments, especially in directory publishing, the images/ads are made at their intended size, therefore, the job when producing the scribus document is to import the images and move them around into their needed locations on the scribus layout. Therefore it would be nice to import the images and have the frames adjust to the picture, withought the need to right click on each object.
hence, the usefulness of a 'mode' switch or button for this functionality.

obviously this may not be usefull for everyone, so I have marked this feature as low.
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related to 0001779 closedcbradney decrease bloating in context menus for frames 



2005-03-08 16:36

reporter   ~0003889

just noticed

in the right click (context menu)
we can see that 'image visible' is defaulted to be selected.

it would be great if we could do a similar default, or selectablity similar to 'image visible' for 'adjust frame to picture'

I imagine that would be the simplest implementation and would be unobtrusive.


2005-03-08 17:02

developer   ~0003890

Agree. Nice idea.

I think that one neat place to implement this would be in the Settings>Preferences>Tools where Image frames can be set [right now] to either Free Scaling or Scale to Frame Size [plus the option of making this proportionnal or not].

There is still room in that dialog and I would see the one more option (that already exist through the contextual menu) directly into the Prefs settings. Enabling this option would do exactly what you describe.


2005-04-08 07:50

viewer   ~0004164

bumping to 1.2.2 for possible inclusion


2005-06-05 19:49

administrator   ~0004902

In 1.3 you can now assign a shortcut to this option, and it exists on the Item menu.


2005-07-03 21:12

viewer   ~0005379

bumping to 1.2.3


2005-09-04 21:45

viewer   ~0006409

bumping to 1.3.x.. not easy to fix in 1.2.x 1.3.x has new menu code


2006-01-15 14:04

viewer   ~0008107

This is fixed in 1.3.2 and will not be added the 1.2.x, the menu code is more complicated and adding this might introduce additional bugs.

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