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0001772ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2005-09-10 12:01
Reportermhanski Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
PlatformCygwinOSWindowsOS Version2000
Product Version1.2.1cvs 
Summary0001772: White page displays as purple on Cygwin (Windows)
DescriptionWhite page displays as purple on Cygwin (Windows), PDF exports works fine (white is white), see screen shot
Additional InformationI'm filing this bug not for Scribus developers, I just want it to be recorded for Steven Boothe and other windows "localisers".
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2005-03-08 16:56


scribus_on_cygwin.jpg (125,844 bytes)   
scribus_on_cygwin.jpg (125,844 bytes)   


2005-03-09 02:28

developer   ~0003895

I encountered the exact same behaviour (purple background) with Scribus running remotely on a Mac from an ssh connexion to a Linux box.

On the same machine (an iMac G3) we had OS X, OS 9 and Linux displaying... truly something to see!

I am filing this note only in the hope it helps, as an additionnal clue, all the ones who will be able to properly interpret this information.


2005-03-09 05:23

reporter   ~0003896

I've had no issues with running Scribus over remote X, Linux->Mac, here. X-server was Xdarwin from OS/X 10.3, Linux box was Debian Sarge (3.1). X11 should take care of endian issues its self (hooray!), so it's pretty weird to see that.


2005-09-10 12:01

viewer   ~0006506

I am resolving this as wontfix, as we have officially abandoned cygwin support. The native win32 port is moving along nicely and adding cygwin support to the core code base is problematic for many reasons.

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