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0001907ScribusUser Interfacepublic2005-06-30 06:24
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Summary0001907: allow copying objects by dragging them with pressed ctrl to another place in the document
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related to 0001319 closed Dragging objects to scrapbook moves copy in document to page edge 
related to 0002161 acknowledged Re-examine copy/paste and drag & drop 
related to 0001067 closedringerc Shift-drag 



2005-04-22 12:06

administrator   ~0004361

Drag them with the right mouse button pressed, when you release the button, you'll get a popup menue with the options to move the object or copying it to the new location.


2005-04-23 11:34

developer   ~0004380

is this the standard behaviour on linux? i remember i can drag files or objects in kde also with ctrl and it is copied then. i like that better.
but if it isnt linux compliant then leave it as it is


2005-06-30 06:24

reporter   ~0005254

There isn't really any "standard" behaviour. However, Mac OS has used modifier-drag for a long time (eg option-drag to copy), and MS picked it up with win32 in the form of control-drag to copy, etc. It's always left-button drag. Most modern GUI file managers for linux support modifier drags too.

I think right button drag is confusing and counter intuitive, myself. It should be possible, once the item drag handling is redone as part of the scribusview refactor, to support control-drag as copy-drag. It'd also be worth looking at shift-drag for locking item movement along 45 degree lines.

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