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0001924ScribusInternalpublic2008-03-14 06:58
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Summary0001924: Support stream I/O for files
DescriptionMost places where Scribus currently takes a filename on a method call should also accept a QIODevice*, plus possibly FILE*, QDataStream, and or QTextStream. QIODevice* is most important. FILE* is less important, since it's not hard to just make a QIODevice from it.

Doing this is an important first step in transparently supporting I/O to network resources (Get Picture from a WebDAV clip-art library, for example).

Many cases should be pretty trivial.
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2005-04-28 05:13

administrator   ~0004446

For docs (ie, not images etc), this will rely on Tsoots' work on the new file load/save plugin system and writing those plugins based on libxml2 and SAX.


2005-06-06 08:01

reporter   ~0004908

I don't think it has to, really - we can just accept a QIODevice and dump the XML tree we built in memory to it, or tell QDom to do so. Since that code will be replaced anyway, though, I tend to agree that there's little point in converting it.


2005-07-10 02:46

reporter   ~0005482

This is harder than it looks, because while a file is seekable, a socket (for example) is not. Thus we need to redo the loading code so it can load sequential-read-only files. Much bigger job.

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