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0000020ScribusFontspublic2021-11-09 21:39
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Summary0000020: Improve Font selection capabilities
DescriptionPerform some sort of font grouping, and then give access to font modifier buttons. Eg
Group All Bitstream Vera Sans together, and allow Bold, Italic, Underline, etc buttons.
Tagsfont selection


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2004-08-25 10:42

reporter   ~0002231

Allow me to suggest as an alternative the use of submenus for font variant selection. Modifiers may not be ideal due to the vast variety of variants: light, regular/medium, bold, book, black, oblique, condensed, extra bold, extra condensed, etc etc etc. They'd also need to be greyed out if not availible.

The approach used by Suitcase under MacOS works very well IMHO. There's a menu entry per font, which will choose the most "ordinary" variant if selected, and a submenu hanging off that with all variants (including the "ordinary" default).

For example:

Helvetica ->
    Helvetica Bold
    Helvetica Oblique


2004-09-24 19:51

reporter   ~0002517

Agreed. Sorting out variations of the same font (oblique, cursiv, italic | bold, medium, heavy, black | small caps) would really cut the length of the fonts list to manageable size.

Also, in the font selector in the properties palette, place the fonts that are used in the current document on top.

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