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0002004ScribusGeneralpublic2011-01-11 15:37
Reportertrondhuso Assigned Toplinnell 
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0002004: Different stuff. Just adding up a bunch of stuff here:
Description* There should not be necesarry to create a selectbox that covers the whole object. Instead it should just be enough to have the selection to cover some of the object.
* It should be possible to use the zoom-tool like a selectbox. Create a box and it will zoom to that area. It might be that it is implemented, but it does't work all the time.
* Tables: It should be possible to add and delete rows easy. It should also be possible to tab through the rows and collums.
* SVG-import: Doesn't work in 1.2.1
* There should be a way to "snap to guides and rulers". Might be that it is there now, but should be default.
* Text-boxes should by default be writeable. You shouldn't have to choose the text-tool.
* Pagenumbers are hard to create with a non-american/english keyboard. Should also be a way to do this in the template. (In InDesign this is done by setting A in a textbox. I have an extra InDesign-manual if anyone in the team would like one in order to get some ideas...)
* It should not be possible to remove rulers/guides made in the template. A different color on rulers/guides made in the template is an idea.

That's about it.
Additional InformationI've used Scribus to create an usermanual is pretty much satisfied. I am on my way of getting rid of Windows, so that's why I want to come with my suggestions to your great - and free - product.

I've used InDesign since it first came out, and have made 12 magazines, numerous adverts and CD-covers with the commercial program.

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2005-05-22 17:52

viewer   ~0004751

Please try 1.2.2cvs, there are some fixes for your list, some are being fixed in 1.3.0cvs and also on the road map on


2005-06-15 11:43

reporter   ~0005041

Any luck with 1.2.2cvs?

Anything not fixed in 1.2.2cvs or 1.3cvs needs to be split out into a separate but - one per issue - so we can keep track of them and assign them properly.


2005-09-10 11:45

viewer   ~0006504

bumping, some of this will get fixed in 1.3.x


2011-01-11 15:37

viewer   ~0025339

To many issues in one report.


2011-01-11 15:37

viewer   ~0025340

To many issues in one report.

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