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0002116ScribusScripterpublic2016-03-14 13:38
Reporterwkvscribus Assigned Tosubik  
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PlatformFedora Core 2OSlinux 
Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0002116: Python interface to PDF annotations / field properties
DescriptionThe capability to set/check whether the text field is a PDF Bookmark is
there and documented. However I would like the capability of setting
other PDF field attributes; the annotation name, tool tip, type (button, text,
checkbox, etc.). Additionally the capability to attach actions and JavaScript
snippets would be useful.
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2005-06-23 15:52

reporter   ~0005101

Yep. I agree this is desirable.

I'm setting priority to low to reflect the fact that there's a lot already planned and this isn't on the 1.3 roadmap. That doesn't prevent someone from taking an interest and implementing it, of course :-) .

The scripter core currently needs some major re-thinking, as the present one is time consuming and fiddly to add to and maintain. Once we can create something that can expose almost all of the Scribus features without being an utterly gigantic pain to maintain, things should really get moving. Until then, specific feature enhancements probably won't be seeing much work since we'd probably end up having to rewrite them in a while anyway.

The above is just by way of explanation for why this probably won't happen in a hurry (but you never know).


2007-01-18 08:57

manager   ~0014851

setPDFBookmark() is implemented already.

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