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0002285ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-11-08 09:03
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Summary0002285: PDF-Export / Encryption
DescriptionThe register "Encryption" for PDF-export could be a little bit more clearer. I assign a proposal as image.

- Master password: It should be clearer what "owner password" means and what "user password" means. A master password is absolutly needed for encryption. When you leave it empty but use a user password and make restrictions (what's possible actually), then the user password is really requiered but the restrictions don't take effort. It could be a solution to enable only the master password field when enabling encryption (Bild2.png), and enabling the rest only when the master password field is not empty. (I've tryed to make it furthermore clearer with a tooltip. My english is quite bad, I hope it's not too wrong.)

- User password: The user password is, from the point of view of the user, something like the other restrictions and should therefor be in the same group box. With a checkbox, it's clearer that entering a user password is optional and independend of the other restrictions (like printing...).

- Forbid instead of Enable: That would be more intuitiv: it indicates the change to the normal state without encryption (which is: everything is allowed). Furthermore, the user password is a resctriction that can be enabled, so it makes sense to formulate the other options also as restrictions.
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2005-07-25 08:24


Bild1.png (8,861 bytes)   
Bild1.png (8,861 bytes)   

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Bild2.png (51,285 bytes)   

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Bild3.png (8,465 bytes)   


2005-12-22 22:47

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Good thoughts and we need to make some changes in the security settings to work with Acro 7 better

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