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0002371ScribusTranslationpublic2016-04-14 11:28
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Summary0002371: Split GUI and Scripter translation files
DescriptionMy view is: every user writing python scripts and using all those commands or calling help for those commands will necessarily be able to understand English help texts.

So translators could concentrate on the important GUI and do the rest if they have time or if necessary.


related to 0008666 assignedcbradney [PATCH] Docstrings in Python Scripter plugin are not translated 
related to 0003813 acknowledged Metabug: Scripter 
related to 0013951 closedcbradney More clarity in plugins/scriptplugin/cmdpage.cpp for translators 



2005-08-02 12:33

reporter   ~0005831

As discussed on IRC.

I don't think it's reasonable to make scripter messages, help text etc entirely non translatable, but I agree that it's just too much work for too little benefit having it lumped in with the main GUI translations.

Anyway, after the pain I went through making docstring translations work in the scripter (ARRRGGGH) I'd hate to see support removed entirely.

Maybe we can get scripter to load a separate .qm file?


2005-08-02 20:13

administrator   ~0005841

Yes, we can get plugins to load another qm file. How do we stop lupdate going through the scripter plugin directory to scan for strings tho, and how do we then get another lupdate process to scan only the scripter dir. If we can sort this out then I'm happy to work on this. Any ideas?


2005-08-08 20:13

manager   ~0005942

I solve it this way: I copy the english messages into their czech opposites. Then I translate some of them. Partially - because it's annoying task ;)

I vote for splitted qm files just when we can create normal ts file without docstrings but with normal scripter GUI tr()s. No separate plugin TS files, please.


2014-08-23 12:58

updater   ~0033322

9th anniversary of this issue! Can we celebrate it by deciding a verdict for this?

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