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0002400Scribus-public2006-09-13 21:48
ReporterTomK32 Assigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0002400: resizing document won't affect masterpages
DescriptionI know it's seldom used but if i resize a document from A4 to A5 by changing it's size in the doc properties then the masterpages aren't changed in size.
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related to 0003015 closedfschmid When scratch space is changed, master pages are drawn incorrectly 
child of 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2005-08-09 13:55

administrator   ~0005964

Yes, correct, the masterpages aren't affected by a change of a document page. And i'm not sure if this would be desireable. Imagine the following: you might have a doc with some pages and attached masterpages (only one masterpage for the whole doc), when you change the size of only one page to say from A4 to A5, your whole doc will be incorrect if the masterpage would have changed size too. Better to have it the way as it is now and create an extra masterpage for the resized page.


2005-08-10 07:56

reporter   ~0006008

if you delete or create a new master page all are resized. funny.


2005-08-10 14:01

reporter   ~0006027

I'd suggest prompting "would you like to resize all master pages too? If not, you can always resize them later by ...."


2005-08-10 14:58

reporter   ~0006028

IOW, please don't close this - I can convert it into a feature bug for the behaviour mentioned if desired (and see if I can figure out how to implement it once I've nailed my existing scary buglist).


2005-08-10 23:08

administrator   ~0006036

When you delete or create a masterpages other aren't affected in their size now.


2006-04-14 09:50

developer   ~0009946

ringerc: "won't fix" or "acknowledged"?


2006-04-30 09:06

administrator   ~0010680

This will be simply fixed by an "Apply size settings to all master pages" option in the Page Size group box of doc tab of doc setup.


2006-04-30 10:15

developer   ~0010684

cbradney: changing the status to acknowledged, meaning the new "Apply size settings to all master pages" checkbox in Doc Setup


2006-08-30 19:13

administrator   ~0012377

Franz how was this implemented? We need to be very exacting here because if I have a document and I do not want to change ALL master pages this might result in future bug reports.


2006-08-30 21:34

administrator   ~0012380

if you check that "Apply to all Pages" checkbox all pages including masterpages are resized.


2006-08-30 22:12

administrator   ~0012381

I'm not sure thats the best way as this might not be what the user intends. still suggest a "Apply to all master pages" or similar.


2006-09-03 20:18

viewer   ~0012418

I think the current setup is very undesirable. An A4 master page very well have quite a few objects sized specific to A4. Blindly resizing the Master Pages even with the "Apply All" check box enabled is deceptive. Suggestion:

Two check boxes:

[ ] Apply to all Doc Pages or similar
[ ] Apply to Master Pages also


2006-09-04 13:04

administrator   ~0012428

Added now 2 additional Checkboxes for the Master Pages.

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