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0002421ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-03-01 22:09
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PlatformMacOSXOSMacOSXOS Version10.4 Tiger
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Summary0002421: Default charset for text import on Mac OS X
Descriptionafter copy'n'paste under mac ain't working perfect i often import text regularly and wish utf-8 to be default or at least the form to remember which codeset was used last time.



2005-08-12 12:25

administrator   ~0006091

Yes, should be utf8 by default


2005-08-13 05:06

reporter   ~0006097

I'd argue it should use the system locale by default, actually.

If your system is set to ISO-8859-15, you'd expect that a file you just created in the default charset would be imported unmangled. If we force a UTF-8 default, that won't happen.

It'd be *nice* if everyone used utf-8, but the system locale's charset is probably the more correct choice of default. A pref to override it might not be a bad plan though.


2005-08-13 22:03

administrator   ~0006111

Yes, ok, makes sense to assign to system default.. This one is for you ringerc? :=)


2005-08-14 08:32

reporter   ~0006112

Nothing to do - looks like that's the default behaviour already. Riku rocks.

Tom32k, if you run:

$ locale

what is the output? My guess is that you're not in a UTF-8 locale. I'd expect Mac OS X to use a UTF-8 locale by default, but perhaps its POSIX subsystem does not for some reason.

I'll need to look at some Apple specs, but if Mac GUI apps work in UTF-8 by convention then Scribus should do the same on Mac OS X as a special case.


2005-08-14 09:12

reporter   ~0006113

nothing we could work with i think.

$ locale

there's no /etc/locale* anyways. it would be enough for me if scribus would remember the last charset used.


2005-08-14 09:31

reporter   ~0006114

Yes - Mac OS X's locale settings appear to be completely braindead. Woohoo. Those settings imply 7-bit ASCII (not even ISO-8859-1). We're going to have to ignore them I suspect.

My personal opinion is that "last charset used" is the wrong behaviour for most people. You'll generally be working with files in a given encoding, with others being an unusual exception. Personally, I'd be surprised if the setting was remembered, as the next time I went to import a text file I'd get mangled text.

A pref might be the way to go. Sound reasonable?

I couldn't find any recommendation on default character encoding in the Apple developer docs when I did a quick search, but will have to look in more detail later. If they have a recommended encoding we should default to that. Otherwise, whatever most other apps on the platform default to - hopefully UTF-8.


2005-09-09 02:10

reporter   ~0006483

Unassigning. I won't get to this for a while, so if anyone else wants to pick it up, free free.

Patches also accepted, so long as they fit the coding style, are platform independent, and are sensibly designed. If anybody's thinkig of working on it, it might be best to drop by IRC or post here with your implementation ideas.


2016-12-09 02:06

manager   ~0042806

@cbradney due to CTL merge can you double check on this issue to see if it's still relevant ?

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