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0002457ScribusScrapbookpublic2018-05-21 10:12
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0002457: Duplicate Styles from Scrapbook could be handled a bit more gracefully.
DescriptionIf you have a scrapbook item which has style A, then make or open a doc with the same style named A, but it has different content dragging from the scrapbook changes the name to "Copy of A".

Currently, it is OK, but could be handled more gracefully by a pop up asking either to inherit the doc's style, over-write the doc's style or optionally change the name to avoid a name clash.


related to 0011420 confirmed 1.5 style management during page import 
related to 0005833 closedjghali Duplicating a text frame duplicate character style 
related to 0008024 acknowledged More intelligent handling of imported styles 
related to 0011814 confirmed Managing styles when pasting an object coming from another document 



2005-08-30 10:16

viewer   ~0006301



2005-09-02 15:56

developer   ~0006353

I agree. It's a long time issue that was not reported before. But it could prove to be really annoying in the end. Thanks for describing the issue in such an elegant way!


2005-10-23 22:37

viewer   ~0007197

Added to Roadmap for 1.3.5


2007-10-18 11:40

reporter   ~0017690

using 1.3.4 i get over just assigning paragraph styles to paragraphs that copies are made. i end up having lots of "Copy of Style-Name (1..15)" entries in the styles.

is this related to this bug? it gets quite annoying because it spams the list of styles. all this copy of style styles contain the same style specifications, so its not a changed style but simply another entry for the same original style.


2007-10-18 11:42

reporter   ~0017691

Last edited: 2016-04-04 12:41

sorry, i just found it - its bug 0005833

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