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0002512ScribusScripterpublic2005-11-20 23:52
Reporteralexandre Assigned Toplinnell 
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Product Version1.2.4cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.4cvs 
Summary0002512: mistakes in help messages
Description1. In "Macros manager" an advanced help item states: "

Name: The name of the macro, as shown in the menu bar and in other places around Scribus.

". But there is no "Name" column. It is "Macro" instead.

2. In "Scripter preferences" and advanced help item states: "<qt>

<tt>Enable Legacy Aliases</tt> is an advanced option.". But in the very same dialog it is also called "Enable Legacy Name Aliases", not "Enable Legacy Aliases"

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2005-09-01 12:19

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bumping as it means string changes

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