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0002549ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-05-06 01:25
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Summary0002549: Enable locking of values for page margins
DescriptionIMHO, it would be useful to enable the locking of values for page margins in the document preferences in the same way we can do it e.g. with the free scaling for pictures in the properties palette. That way, users would be able to define a _ratio_ of margins, and changing one value would adjust the others. One step in that direction has already been made by Petr Vanek's implementation of default layouts.
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2006-05-05 23:52

developer   ~0010989

Reminder sent to: Le_Tigre, PLucAuclair



2006-05-06 01:14

reporter   ~0010994

Ratios? Like Golden and Fibonacci?


2006-05-06 01:25

administrator   ~0010996

No, that's already there. Please have a look at doc setup > document after creating a new doc. What I am thinking of is having chain symbols for all margin boxes as in X, Y, Z or in the Image tab of the properties palette. That way, you can set your page margins while creating a new doc, but adjust them, while keeping the ratios later, You could also adjust the margins according to special needs, e.g. if the decision is made to enlarge the outside margin, but the overall ratio needs to be preserved.

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