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0002564ScribusTablespublic2015-07-10 16:42
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Summary0002564: Table Editor like Story editor for tables
DescriptionNow it's hard to work with tables. There are different workarounds to import and edit tables but is really hard.

Maybe you can create an editor especialy for tables like the Story editor. You can change the styles of different cells and of course the text.
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related to 0002003 closed Tables-issues 
has duplicate 0001171 closed Add in table editor, table styles etc 
has duplicate 0008027 closedjghali Better handling of tables 



2005-09-15 16:26

reporter   ~0006568

Tables are scheduled for a rewrite anyway, hopefully during the 1.3.x development series.


2009-10-13 13:47

reporter   ~0022694

Any changes on this issue?


2009-10-13 19:47

administrator   ~0022699

No changes and none planned for the near future. Feel free to submit some code.


2009-10-23 15:01

reporter   ~0022741

I've just had a go at the Insert Table feature in 1.3.6 - it's so buggy and sinister as to be unusable! I would remove it, it does some really nasty things. If you persevere long enough to actually create a table, the cluster of text frames plays merry hell with the x,y coordinates of the table as a "whole", so if ever you try to copy and paste it, disaster follows!

The very latest beta of Inkscape is great for making custom tables and writes fabulous PDFs which pull straight in to Scribus.

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