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0002615ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2005-09-30 20:31
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tocbradney  
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS VersionSuSE 9.3
Product Version1.3.1cvs 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002615: Ctrl + Shift + - doesn't insert a smart hyphen
DescriptionInserting a smart hyphen via "Insert" menu works fine, but it's not possible with the keyboard shortcut.
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2005-09-26 19:22

administrator   ~0006758

The correct code is activated, but you are going to have to use the keypad - key as if you have - on another key, shifted or not, using control shift will always give you the shifted key. Here, its _, which doesnt trigger it. This is simply an issue with Qt's key events.


2005-09-26 19:48

administrator   ~0006759

Just a question: Why has this been changed from Ctrl + - to Ctrl + Shift + -? Ctrl + - is pretty much a standard for smart hyphens, at least in the most programmes I know. Most important, it would be consistent with


2005-09-26 19:53

administrator   ~0006760

So Control +/- works for zoom.


2005-09-27 20:36

administrator   ~0006794

Resolving this as not an issue. Theres a known issue in Qt with regards to this stuff so its out of our hands, as well as there being so many keyboard variants out there its not funny. Users have the ability to reprogram these keys anyway.

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