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0002708ScribusGeneralpublic2012-06-23 15:07
ReporterDavid Goodenough Assigned Tocezaryece  
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Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0002708: Autosizing of frames
DescriptionHaving set the border size of a frame it would be useful to have a script or
function key which reduced the vertical height of the frame so that it exactly fitted the content. Otherwise you can be left with frames with uneven borders.
I guess a horizontal equivalent would also be useful.
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related to 0001405 acknowledged Support frame fit adjustment for text 
related to 0001406 confirmed Add text metrics to scripter 
related to 0002058 assignedavox Text and font metrics 
related to 0010772 assignedcezaryece "Adjust frame height to text" should also grow the frame if it the text is overflowing 



2005-10-11 13:30

reporter   ~0007040

I think this is much the same as 0001405; resolving as a duplicate.

David Goodenough

2005-10-11 15:41

reporter   ~0007044

No, this is not a duplicate.

What I want to be able to do is to put some text in a box, set its width, and then automatically set its height to be exactly right so that the bottom margin is only that margin, not something greater than or equal to the bottom margin.

Think if this as a column in a newspaper. It I put each story into its own frame I want to pack the text and frames as tightly as possible - well I may spread it later, but this way I know how much I can fit in. If the stories were simply paragraphs then it would happen automatically, but not for separate frames. I can do this manually by entering the text and then sizing down the frames until it overflows, but I want an automated mechanism. It could be a script, but then needs hooks to find the required size (I think bounding box is the term) of the text, and then the borders and then calculating the proper frame size.

Sorry if I did not explain this properly at first.


2005-10-11 15:55

administrator   ~0007046

Making the bottom fit is not possible right now as the frame demands the extra space for the full height of the descenders in the font, rather than those used.

David Goodenough

2005-10-11 16:09

reporter   ~0007048

Thats fine, I am happy for it to fit to the lowest descender in the font rather than the lowest descender used in the last line.


2012-06-21 09:28

developer   ~0028242

i guess there is already a python script that does it.

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