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0002712ScribusTranslationpublic2006-01-04 09:07
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Summary0002712: new translation proposal
DescriptionInserer/Insérer un texte bateau. "Texte bateau" can be considered as a familiar expression. We say something is "bateau" when it is current with no particularity. Real expression used in print-shop, in France, in "Faux texte". So i should use :
"Inserer/Faux texte." I would not repeat "Insérer" in the submenu, context is clear.
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2005-10-12 10:40

developer   ~0007064


At the same time, I wonder (it really is a question I ask) if the bug report is the right place for translation discussion? As one of the member of the French Team for translation, I can say we have sometimes good email discussions over some words or expressions used in the GUI. The final result is to the taste of the person in charge — in this case Nicolas Boos — and does not reflect consensus in each and every case, no matter just how well some cases are documented! — and believe me, they are.

So, where I agree with Cedric on "faux texte", I can't tell for sure others will agree!

As a footnote, "texte bateau" has always sounded strange to me but I didn’t raise the issue considering the amount of work and all the other issues... If it does make it into the translation, great.


2005-10-12 13:49

viewer   ~0007066


Well for the moment it is a good question about handling these cases.

I asked for and took the bug, only to ensure it gets adressed.

I'm open to discussion about this...


2006-01-01 15:23

viewer   ~0007886

Added note:


2006-01-01 15:24

viewer   ~0007887

I think the wiki, now that there is a French section is the best place for this kind of dicsussion.

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