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0002822ScribusUsabilitypublic2007-08-22 21:10
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Product Version1.3.2cvs 
Summary0002822: custom gradients: improve the "edit vector" function
Description1. when pressing esc, the whole object is being removed - is that intention?
doubleclicking away from the object does not end the edit mode as the normal edit mode for editing frames is closed - shouldnt that be the case?

2. for me its not clear that i have to click "edit vector" again to end editing

3. both left and right mouse buttons are needed to move gradient vector, it would be more intuitive if only left was needed

more suggestions are welcome!
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has duplicate 0006134 closedjghali Improve gradient vector editing 
related to 0003588 closedfschmid Improvements to custom gradients 



2006-04-08 17:47

developer   ~0009710

1. in scribus 1.3.3 pressing ESC doesn't remove the object anymore. Do you mean "move vector? Could you check it now?

2. confirmed that doubleclicking doesn't end the vector editing -- behaviour which can clearly be expected by the user


2006-04-08 22:07

developer   ~0009729

1 is solved as i discussed that with mrb already.

2 is still there


2007-08-22 21:10

administrator   ~0017134

Adding 3. following comments of 0006134

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