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0000288ScribusGeneralpublic2004-02-24 23:03
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Summary0000288: Location of scripter docs should be in /usr/share/scribus
DescriptionPlease change the "/usr/lib/scribus/doc" directory to "/usr/share/scribus/doc" location as is more appropriate to the FHS3.2 guidelines.


Additional InformationFilesystem Hierarchy Standard

4.7 /usr/share : Architecture-independent data

"Architecture-independent data"
 Word lists
 Miscellaneous documentation
 Static data files for /usr/games
 GNU Info system's primary directory
 Locale information
 Online manuals
 Native language support
 Miscellaneous architecture-independent data
 Directories for terminfo database
 troff macros not distributed with groff
 Timezone information and configuration
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related to 0003813 acknowledged Metabug: Scripter 



2004-02-24 04:05

administrator   ~0000555

I don't know what I've been thinking when I wrote the paths. The destination path should be more sensible. For instance, "/usr/lib/scribus/doc/en/Scripter" --> "/usr/share/doc/scribus/Scripter".

Franz, you have more experience and might have a better idea, yet.




2004-02-24 23:03

administrator   ~0000564

Files have been moved. Minor issue with missing png. Will be fixed in tomorrows CVS, Franz emailed re this. Closing.

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