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0003031ScribusGeneralpublic2006-05-31 18:06
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Summary0003031: Add an option to export a selection as bitmap, EPS, or SVG
DescriptionSometimes it would be handy to have an option for exporting a selection as bitmap, EPS or SVG as in inkscape or OO.o Draw. One situation I can think of is the reuse of a logo created in scribus in other apps (inkscape, OO.o). This is not of high priority, but it would be useful anyway.
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2006-01-18 22:43

administrator   ~0008181

EPS does this now.. select and export.


2006-04-14 23:28

administrator   ~0009990

But this is not obvious for users.


2006-05-06 18:18

developer   ~0011012

Last edited: 2006-05-06 18:18

agreed 100% with christoph_s: the menu option is "Save _Page_ as EPS", which makes exporting selections to EPS to another hidden feature. Thinking about ways of improving it:

-- Renamíng the option to "Save Page or selection as EPS"
-- Adding "Save as EPS" to the context menu

What do you think?


2006-05-06 18:27

administrator   ~0011013

mhanski, do have a drawing software like CorelDraw or Illustrator within reach? Otherwise, have look at OO.o Draw. In the export dialogs, there is always a checkbox for "Selection". This seems quite reasonable and logical to me.

BTW, in 1.3.4, the string has changed to "Save as EPS" already.


2006-05-06 18:52

developer   ~0011015

christoph_s: i cannot find this checkbox in OO.o Draw export dialog, but I consider what you propose pretty fine: Save as EPS/SVG and a checkbox "Export selection only" in the export dialog seems very logical and pretty obvious


2006-05-06 19:02

administrator   ~0011017

>>> christoph_s: i cannot find this checkbox in OO.o Draw export dialog

"File > Export >> see the checkbox bottom left.


2006-05-06 19:04

developer   ~0011018

ok, now I see it, just another case of me being "schaßaugert":)


2006-05-31 18:06

reporter   ~0011536

yes, this works with eps, would be nice if this could also work when
file > export > save as image

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