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0003039ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-01-21 19:41
Reporterjo-hannes Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0003039: activating facing pages moves the first page right
Descriptionlook at the screenshot.
Steps To Reproduce- create a new doc (A4, no facing pages.)
- set page size to A5
- create some more pages in A5
- select facing pages in the page dialog
-> the first page is moved. although it should be aligned as the others
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has duplicate 0006824 closedchristoph_s Changing the page size in the Document Setup changes display of the first page 


2006-01-21 12:10


Zwischenablage01.png (34,564 bytes)   
Zwischenablage01.png (34,564 bytes)   


2006-01-21 12:55

administrator   ~0008212

The first page ends up being right aligned with the a4 page that would have been there... its not a major major issue.


2006-01-21 13:55

administrator   ~0008215

Will fix in 1.3.3. We need to decide the best layout algorithm for this anyway.


2006-01-21 17:51

administrator   ~0008218

Looks weired, can you give more informations about how you got this?


2006-01-21 19:25

developer   ~0008219

i did nothing :) i do not have luna running


2006-01-21 19:39

administrator   ~0008220

A clearer list:
New A4 Doc with 1 page
Set 1st page's page size to A5
Create 3 more pages in A5 (Insert pages, 3, a5)
Select double page layout in doc setup

The "error" is in ScribusDoc::ReformPages. We need to be determining the middle of the layout for the page range of the doc and then aligning the pages around this to create a symmetrical layout.


2006-01-21 19:41

developer   ~0008221

oh sorry i exchanged my answer with #3040

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