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0000304ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-02-06 17:25
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Summary0000304: predefined styles for text
DescriptionThis one is about predefined set of internationalizable text styles.

This means that US_EN/GB_EN styles like Header1 one will be innerly kept as header1 or whatever variable, but will be available for translation, so that they show up as Titel1 in German or Заголовок1 (Zagolovok1 for those who doesn't have cyrillic fonts currently) in Russian.

A set of styles might help in automatical creation of 'Contents' page etc.
Additional InformationYeah, this feature is caused by my wish to use Scribus instead of Adobe FrameMaker :-) Feel free to critisize :-)
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2004-02-28 17:03

viewer   ~0000608

I think a good idea would be to use the same definitions from Open Office defaults.


2004-02-28 17:07

manager   ~0000609

hello prokoudine,

i've read (later than it happened) your discussion with mrb in #scribus and i would like to add some thoughts...

personnally, i'd like to have 1 standard style, which would be applied to every paragraph which is not assigned a specific style. this one should be the only one which scribus would add by default. it can't be deleted. but it can be changed (that is: when you change it, all the text without style changes... it makes sense to me...)

temporary, i think that left, right, center and block should also be defined as default styles. so, one that doesn't use them, can delete them and not see them in the story editor. i hope that as soon as the new story editor is out, those styles would not be needed anymore and will just disappear.

since scribus is not a wordprocessor and it's not framemaker i think that there is too much overhead in defining for every document defaults styles for several levels of titles. i think that most scribus users will never need them.
but it should be possible to import a set of styles (and it's already possible, i think...), so you can build a costum template and import just the styles you need for your document!

on the other side, i think that it would be good if, while writing the new sla format we could plan some logical properties for the styles. so you could told scribus that one style is a title of level 1, or it's a footnote... or even a side note... but i wouldn't bind them on a given style name!

voilĂ , that's were my thoughts before going into the weekend!




2004-02-28 17:14

administrator   ~0000610

As discussed at length in IRC, perhaps these should be kept in a styles XML file that is distributed with the Scribus tar.gz. These would be loaded when a user creates a new document, or as Ale points out, as many people wouldnt use them, it could be imported by choice. This file should contain the current Left/Right/Center/Block ones we have now as well so those are not included in source code anymore (refer bug 0000190)


2004-03-01 17:39

reporter   ~0000621


Agreed on all

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